Inspiration: Lily Wearing Figura

What could be better than watching people work with fun and joy? I’ve decided to make a set of pictures with different inspiring young ladies wearing Figura.

I try hard to create nice things for real cool women, so this set of pictures is up to celebrate the beauty of my muses. My goal is to make women feel beautiful with clothes that are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Lily is an emerging DJ and such a beauty. We’re two different worlds (I order ramen, she goes for bao) but we share the same values which are passion and the love for what we do. I enjoy watching her mixing music and taking pictures, hope so do you.

Btw her DJ name is chantazh and you can meet her at Bossa Nova in Brooklyn sometimes. I prepared these photos for your eyes, she’s made a mix for your ears.

Thanks again, Lily for inspiring me to start this photoshoots. She was kind enough to spend the whole day with me, mixing, dancing and wearing Figura pieces (and lunching together).

If you love the idea I’m looking for more muses. Let me know if you feel like being one!