Deli Collection 2018

Figura’s new collection was inspired by New York’s ubiquitous corner store; the deli. A deli is a local shop, usually family-owned and always a good choice for whatever you’re craving. Delis are as [visually] noisy and busy as urban life, and Figura minimal designs are to find our inner balance in the city.

Deli is short for delicatessen, so why not to treat yourself to something lush? Figura-wear is as versatile and offers as much daily comfort as delis.

Credits: Anna Sergeeva (photography), Katerina Katakalides and Imani Curry-Johnson (modeling), Mariko Hartman (make-up and hair), Elena Zaharova (styling).

Movement Collection 2016

Body moves or moving to another place, movement in time, spiritual motion or being moved by something. I was looking for a perfect word to express the diverse background behind this collection, and came up with movement as the best option.

Moving around, I’ve been thinking a lot of having less but more meaningful things. What should I pack for one-way ticket trip if I have just one suitcase? How to plan your routine with no life plans in mind?

I’ve created a few essential and basic items which are the ease of mix-and-match, wearable in different ways, and may fill a suitcase of unplanned trip.

Credits: Jenia Filatova (photography), Elena Zaharova (styling), Kelsey McLeod and Mayrah Udvardi (modeling).

Berlin Collection 2015

This collection is about Berlin, its freedom and simplicity. Wearing these clothes you can shop at the farmers market at the day time and go to the classic music concert in the evening. These trousers will suit you no matter whether you ride a bike or attend a business meeting. All night dancing or visiting your grandma in the morning.

Credits: Sergey Korol (photography), Elena Zaharova (styling), Elena Lipeeva (modeling)

Moscow Collection 2015