Inspiration: Alara Wearing Figura Jumpsuit in Paris

I met Alara when I was out of euro cash and coffee for a second day in a row, and she offered me the best thing you can ever get in Paris — some cooperation and a very good English.

Alara works as a barista at Strada cafeshop near Sorbonne. I was on vacation in Paris, lazily browsing its streets and checking out my favourite places. After a late afternoon nap (thanks to jetlag, not my natural habits) I came to Strada Cafe for a coffee: 10 euros minimum on a credit card, no dollar exchange around, and not a penny in cash. I got angry (thanks to a second day being off coffee, not my natural habits), but she figured it out, charged me €10, took a paper book from behind the counter and wrote down my name and the money left after my first coffee. She was friendly and nice, so was I, brave and spontaneous: I asked her to model for me in Figura jumpsuit, a piece of my line that she represents the best.

Thanks Alara for being a star and Strada Cafe for letting me photograph.



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