#aboutusnotclothing Instagram Campaign

I’m happy to release the project I’ve been working on a few month. Amazing women around the World post their Instagram pictures, wearing a piece from the Figura collection. No professional models, no retouching and no arrangements — let people who wear your garments be the ones who present them! I do no fashion, and I wanted this story to be about the individuals, not clothes. Follow the story by #aboutusnotclothing #figuraclothes #nofashion.

A few amazing women around the world will post Instagram photos of themselves wearing a piece from my Figura collection! Representing NYC, LA, Seattle, Amsterdam, the Canary Islands and St Margaret’s Hope in the Orkney Islands. Follow the story under hashtag #aboutusnotclothing.


The backstory: People had been calling me a bad PR and sales manager for my line and told me to attend more parties and networking events and get over my shyness. They were right, and I fell into depression, crying in my bathtub. Wanting to find my own solution, I contacted a few women I’ve been following on Instagram for years. Like Danielle, whose drawings are my usual iPhone wallpaper, or Scottish islander Fiona, whose home routine reads like a book of happiness. I reached out, asked them to collaborate and couldn’t be happier to have these cool girls in my social media project.

No professional models, no retouching and no staging — just honesty, let the people who wear your clothes decide how to present them! As you may know, I do no fashion and wanted this story to be about the individuals, not the clothes. Thanks ladies for your collaboration – since January, I enjoyed every moment sewing, sending packages, working on illustrations and a webpage design. I hope you enjoy our work too. Beauty only works with passion behind it.

To learn more go to aboutus.figura.co

Illustration by Anna Shishlyakova